If you could perform ANY physical feat, what would you choose?

If you could have an out-of-body experience (think of something like the movie John Malkovich) and perform any physical fitness feat in the world — what would you choose?

Three clarifying rules before you answer this hypothetical:

  1. You can only perform this feat ONCE (One-and-done, baby)
  2. This feat must be something you could NEVER perform successfully, even if you dedicated the rest of your life to it (think grandiose in your answer — not “I’d like to run a mile in under 7 minutes.”)
  3. It has to be humanly possible (not “I’d like to jump over a house!” or “I’d like to throw a football 300 yards!”)

I staged this hypothetical to Julia last night, and we had very different answers. She even called her sister Liz to solicit her answer(s).

Eric’s answer

Run the fastest 100m dash

Is there a more explosive, dominant, prestigious feat than saying:

“I’m the Fastest Human on the Planet!”

I really can’t see anything that could rival the experience of running 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. The average person really just can’t comprehend how fast this is. I imagine it feeling like being in a car, but my legs are moving. Insane.

Julia’s answer

Perform a Triple Axel in Figure Skating

The triple axel is a big deal in skating, and it’s almost mystical. It’s requires a massive amount of skill.

However, on this side of actually experiencing a triple axel — I don’t think my initial response would be: “WOW, that was the MOST ridiculous thing EVER!”

Other Answers we debated

  1. Climb Mount Everest
  2. Highest Pole Vault
  3. Gymnastics Floor Exercise
  4. Gymnastics Parallel Bars
  5. Run a 4 minute mile

What would you choose?